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YOU can become a superhero to a child! Your donation will make you a Defender of POTENTIAL! Our youth are ready for their biggest possible future and you can be a part of that. It is imperative that the children in our communities have someone they can look up to, trust and is there to make sure they succeed in school and life. Below, is just one of our stories, as told by Big Sister Sara and Little Sister Michelle:

Big Sister Sara: "When I met my Little Sister Michelle in 2014, I immediately saw her strength, generosity, bright smile, and hysterical wit. Sadly, I noticed that self-doubt and indecision was clouding her true potential. It was a challenge for Michele to feel comfortable opening up to me, and understandably so. Pieces of her home life were volatile and she was lacking a consistent female role model. In 2015, Michelle's mom was sent to prison. At that time, staggering responsibility fell on Michelle's shoulders. Her father was working several jobs and it fell on Michelle to feed, entertain, and play the role of both an older sister and mother figure to her younger brothers. However, it was this difficult time that brought us closer than we ever imagined. We began talking about everything- the good, the bad, the ugly. Through laughs and tears, we built a dependable and steady relationship. That timid and insecure girl is now in dance, theater, and modeling classes, and is a stranger to no one. With this newfound confidence, Michelle has only continued to grow as a strong young woman and is unapologetically true to herself."

Little Sister Michelle: "Hi. My name is Michelle…I was kind of nervous to write this and I was doing a lot of procrastinating because there are so many wonderful things that Sara has changed in my life. My mom went to prison when I was 12 and while my dad worked I just had to watch my brothers and be the little mama and go to school and all of that. I had so much anxiety built up and so much fear that it was hard for me to focus at school. Since I have met Sara I have been getting better and better with my anxiety and my depression. Sara is a really big part of my life. She is my best friend and I know she cares about me. When Sara and I are together I feel happy. Sara is family and even after this program I will still keep in contact with her and I know that I could talk to her through anything. So that's my Big and I love my Big. Thank you Sara for everything…"