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We are Defenders of Potential. You can be, too. Discover the many ways in which you can support Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Piedmont and empower our youth to realize their full potential. There is no gift too Big or too Little.

Quotes showing the impact your donation can make on a child's life:

"Having a "big" gives each of my students another person to depend on, lean on for encouragement and provide consistency throughout their early childhood years. A relationship develops that can last forever. We are thankful for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program." - Ms. Clark, Teacher at Johnson Street Global Studies

"Having a Big Sister visit my son at school makes his days better because of his separation anxiety and now my daughter has a Big Sister as something special to look forward to each week. The program has made a significant difference in both of their lives and how they view going to school." - Julie Childress, Parent of sibling Littles

"Becoming a Big Sister has opened my eyes to how much these kids need us as mentors. My Little has matured so much and it's incredible to see everything she's accomplished every time I visit. There's no greater feeling than building a strong bond with a child that will change both of our lives forever." - Morgan Kauffman, Big Sister

"Having the opportunity to share my experience, and my perspective about life with my Little Sister brings me happiness because I feel my mentorship can be useful to her." - Alejandra, Big Sister